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[tise-devel] switching EN/EWTS layouts automatically

I believe I found a workaround for one of the most noticeable
drawbacks of Tise - how to toggle between EN/EWTS in one click.

Here is the fragment of the readme that explains this:


2) (Optional) Assign system shortcuts to English layout and Tise EWTS

This is an optional step if you plan to use Tise frequently with
both regular English and Tibetan EWTS input. Tise can handle switching
layouts automatically when it is toggled on and off.

- Go to the Control Panel from the Start Menu
- Choose Regional and Language Options
- Choose the Languages Tab
- Click on the "Details" button under Text Services & Input Languages
- Under the Settings Tab click the "Keyboard Preferences" button
- Assign Alt+Shift+0 shortcut to the action of activating English
(USA) layout
- Assign Alt+Shift+9 shortcut to the action of activating Afrikaans or
  Kokani or another layout chosen for EWTS.
- Reboot Windows if it is necessary


To toggle between two modes, press Caps key, or press Shift+Space, or
click left mouse button on Tise tray icon. When Kailash icon is dark,
it is possible to switch to English layout as usual
(pressing Alt+Shift or Ctrl+Shift or any other key, depending on your
It is also possible make Tise switch automatically from Tibetan into
and vice versa, as it is explained in p.2 of the Prerequisites.


Updated version is at http://byak.sinp.msu.ru/tise/tise-20050613.zip