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Re: [tise-devel] Non-breaking spaces in Tise

Sorry if you received it already, but some SMTP servers (google, most
notably) didn't accept my message with dll attachment, so I send it
again zipped.


Dear David,

Attached is the modified version of thookuni.dll that does exactly
what you asked. It has Shift+Underscore mapped to 0xa0, non-breaking
space. To be able to enter easily regular space (0x20), I mapped it to
'x' key, which isn't used in EWTS, it seems.

Best regards -

David Germano wrote:
> Dear Gregory,
> EWTS does not specify whether the underscore should be a breaking or
> non-breaking space, but the non-breaking space is the prefered space for
> Unicode Tibetan texts in my understanidng. With Wylie Word a
> non-breaking space is an underscore "_" (Shift + -), but not with the
> Tise keyboard (which enters a breaking space for an underscore). It
> would be good Tise made that a non-breaking space - is that possible?
> If there already a keystore for a non-breaking space? Do you have
> alternative thoughts aobut what I said above?
> David

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