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Re: [tise-devel] TISE works nicely with ExcelXP

I'd like to know this switch, too. 

(David:) Maybe we can involve Microsoft's Paul Nelson in this part of the


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Isn't there a way to turn off Excel's "prediction" feature (whatever it is 

- Chris

Linguasoft wrote:
> Dear Grisha (et al),
> Special congratulations for solving the issues that some other Tibetan
> Unicode keyboards using Keyman had so far (e.g., my Tibetan Direct Input
> keyboard):
> When the first letter entered into an Excel spreadsheet cell needed to be
> modified by the second keystroke, e.g. <sh> or <zh> (or t*, etc., for
> Sanskritic letters, as per the convention adopted by my keyboard), this
> resulted in weird output. I was told before that the first letter entered
> into an Excel cell has the (by-)function of setting the focus to this cell
> and therefore cannot be modified by subsequent input; this is apparently
> true since TISE manages this problem without any difficulty.
> The only problem I encountered with Excel is that after one or two letters
> entered into a new cell, Excel sometimes proposes longer strings that had
> been typed before and that Excel "thinks" you may want to input. This can
> create problems with combinations such as <sh> or <zh> but is a minor
> annoyance compared to issues observed with Excel in other context (e.g.,
> Tibetan 8-bit fonts).
> Best regards,
> Peter