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Re: [tise-devel] TISE works nicely with ExcelXP

Isn't there a way to turn off Excel's "prediction" feature (whatever it is called)???

- Chris

Linguasoft wrote:
Dear Grisha (et al),

Special congratulations for solving the issues that some other Tibetan
Unicode keyboards using Keyman had so far (e.g., my Tibetan Direct Input

When the first letter entered into an Excel spreadsheet cell needed to be
modified by the second keystroke, e.g. <sh> or <zh> (or t*, etc., for
Sanskritic letters, as per the convention adopted by my keyboard), this
resulted in weird output. I was told before that the first letter entered
into an Excel cell has the (by-)function of setting the focus to this cell
and therefore cannot be modified by subsequent input; this is apparently NOT
true since TISE manages this problem without any difficulty.

The only problem I encountered with Excel is that after one or two letters
entered into a new cell, Excel sometimes proposes longer strings that had
been typed before and that Excel "thinks" you may want to input. This can
create problems with combinations such as <sh> or <zh> but is a minor
annoyance compared to issues observed with Excel in other context (e.g.,
Tibetan 8-bit fonts).

Best regards,