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Re: [tise-devel] extended vowel rules

Dear Grisha,


Thanks for the update!


1/ There are still a few deadkeys (accent keys) on Kbd_DE which, when pressed immediately before an EWTS key (other than space), cause Tise to hang up, i.e.:


Circumflex accent (005E)

Grave accent (0060)

Acute accent (00B4)


2/ Tilde (007E) (which does not function as a deadkey or accent key on Kbd_DE) outputs a right square bracket (005D) but otherwise does no harm.


3/ Some keys on Kbd_DE output different Tibetan symbols than expected:


Apostrophe (0027) outputs 0F71 but not 0F60;

Slash (002F) outputs 0F11 but not 0F0D;

At sign (0040) outputs 0F88 but not 0F04;

Number sign (0023) outputs 0F22 but not 0F05.


4/ When associated with Kbd_US International, Tise (sometimes) hangs up after the apostrophe key has been pressed. This may have to do with the fact that apostrophe acts as a deadkey (for acute accent) in Kbd_US International.


5/ The CapsLock toggle switch sometimes causes problems with keyboards using CapsLock as you can no longer deactivate CapsLock state by pressing the CapsLock key once again.


6/ Starting Tise: Although Tise starts in EWTS mode, being able to start with Tibetan input still requires pressing Alt+Shift+9, or pressing one of the toggle keys twice, in order to activate the Tibetan keyboard. Wouldn't it be better to start Tise in default language mode and let the pop-up message say "Press CapsLock or Shift+Space to activate EWTS mode"? This would start EWTS plus Tibetan keyboard at once.


I will be glad to test Tise with some more European keyboards once the basic issues have been addressed. Good luck!


Best regards,





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Dear Peter,


> There are a few situations, however, where keystrokes (from umlaut

> keys and other keys that are remapped on Kbd_DE) apparently irritate

> TISE and cause it to hang up


Thanks for pointing this out. I fixed this bug - it was indeed caused

by presence of umlaut keys. Now all keys that are not valid in EWTS

are ignored. That is, I also implemented your old suggestion: Tise

should make less noise when keys that are supposed to have nothing

with EWTS are pressed, like []" etc.


Updated version (1.97beta2) uploaded to the web page.


All the best,




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