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Re: [tise-devel] v. 1.99 is out

Dear Grisha,

Thanks! Using this independent mapping mechanism is a giant leap forward :-)

There are no more hassles with switching between keyboards, and the default
language keyboard was even detected automatically!

As far as I can see, all keys and key combinations now work properly under
Kbd_DE. (I'll make another test with Kbd_FR later and report irregularities,
if any.)

Both under Kbd_US and Kbd_DE, I observed some rare situations after pressing
illegal uppercase keys such as J or G (that produce Latin output although
they should be set to NUL): in such situations subsequent input may produce
empty squares, or even beeps, and other functional uppercase keys may not
work properly any longer, e.g., paN+D(ita) outputting a Latin D instead of
the inverted Tibetan letter.

Best regards,


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We are closer to stable version.

Changes in 1.99:

- TiseEWTS layout is gone. Now Tise uses its own Unicode mapping
mechanism (hardly mentioned in MSDN docs. Took me ages to figure out
how it actually works). Just run Tise with a Roman layout and type EWTS.
- I hope this version resolves most of the issues reported by Peter
for non-US keyboards.
- Implemented also EWTS symbols missing in Dzongkha keybord, like
0f07, 0f3a-0f3d etc.
- Tise web page and readme updated accordingly

EWTS engine is rewritten to be flexible and able to work with future
extensions of EWTS and/or external definitions of other translit
schemes. It means that a translit scheme can be saved as an external
file and read by Tise (just as a future option, not implemented yet).
That makes Tise extensible and customizable.

That said, it is time to give Tise to wider public.

Best wishes and thanks for all your feedback,

Tise link: http://byak.sinp.msu.ru/tise/

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