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Re: [tise-devel] v. 1.99 is out

Dear Grisha,

Yes, this dll fixed the problem. Thanks!

Another, minor, issue is that ^ (0F39) when typed after p (0F54) or b
(0F56), or, "illegally"(?), after c, ch, or j, ignores any vowel typed
thereafter. For example, b^ung or p^en (don't know if these syllables exist
at all, at least they "sound Chinese" for me) produce b^(a)ng or p^(a)n,
while vung or fen produce the correct results. Actually, associating the
circumflex key with 0F39 is quite unnecessary as it can only cause
confusion. Shouldn't it better be abandoned?

Best regards,


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Dear Peter,

can you check whether the following version of thookuni.dll fixes the
problem with dead keys you reported? Just replace the old one with it
and start Tise.

All the best and thanks,