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Re: [tise-devel] v. 1.99 is out

Linguasoft wrote:

It appears that the link to EWTS http://byak.sinp.msu.ru/tise/ does not work
(I tried it several times todays).

The URLs <http://byak.sinp.msu.ru/tise/> & <http://byak.sinp.msu.ru/tise/tise.zip> work fine from here (Bhutan)

Also http://iris.lib.virginia.edu/tibet/collections/langling/ewts/ which is
the target of the THDL Extended Wylie link at
ion.html results in an empty webpage.

The link from "Extended Wylie" <http://iris.lib.virginia.edu/tibet/collections/langling/ewts/> *should* result in <http://iris.lib.virginia.edu/tibet/collections/langling/ewts/ewts.php> but it comes up with a THDL XML SERVER ERROR: "No XML File Found"

- chris

I was trying to figure out the latest EWTS input rules for Tibetan symbols
that must be called via their Unicode values. It seems that the rules I
remember (using a leading backslash) are not yet implemented in Tise.