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Re: [tise-devel] v. 1.99 is out

Good point, Chris!


My only counter-argument is that Word's (or Excel's) Insert > Symbol feature shows Tibetan symbols in a rather small, and sometimes distorted, manner that leaves you guessing what they are. (If you ever need them, of course!)


Another, secondary, argument is that some symbols that are currently implemented under Tise & Kbd_US are difficult to locate under some European keyboards. (However, there may be better workarounds for this issue, as suggested in my previous e-mail.)


My inquiry for a pop-up window was actually triggered by the fact that the EWTS escape sequence (for Unicode values) has not been implemented in Tise. I can live well without this feature, but maybe there are people requesting strict adherence to the standard?  :-)





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Linguasoft wrote:



> 4/ I wonder how other Tibetan symbols that haven't been assigned individual key positions

> by EWTS are going to be inputted via Tise. My suggestion is to assign a pop-up selection

> window function to backslash and/or another unused key that can be found on Kbd_US as well

> as on all European & CJKV keyboards.


Windows Charmap is pretty useful for this ....


Many of these symbols are almost never going to be required by the

average user. In fact I'm sure many of these are going to be, more often

than not, used in non-traditional or inappropriate ways. Several

characters are so infrequent that the majority of users don't know what

they are for.


There are plenty of infrequent characters in the Windows ANSI set that

are not usually *directly* accessible from US / Western European

keyboards [ § © ® µ ¼ ½ ¾ ¤ ¥ ¢ ™ ‡ † ¶ • ] - and people are content to

use  Windows Charmap or Word's "Insert Symbol for these. Why do *all*

infrequent Tibetan characters need to be *directly* accessible from EWTS



- Chris




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