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Re: [tise-devel] Testing TISE with ABNT keyboard layout

Hi Walter,

It is an annoying bug, indeed. Before I look into how to solve this
may I ask you, just to make sure, whether you enabled ABNT layout in
Tise settings? Getting forward slash instead of a shad means that the
windows keyboard driver doesn't recognize it as a normal keycode for a
slash but as some injected keycode... What does pressing AltGr+q
yields? From the MS layout scheme I see it is mapped to '/'.

It will be a little bit difficult for me to debug it without having a
physical ABNT keyboard at hand, but I can enable debug mode in Tise
and with your and Peter's help we will sort that out.


walter cirillo wrote:
> Hi, Gregory!
> Congratulations for your work!
> I'm testing Tise in a PC running Windows XP SP2 with a Portuguese
> (Brazilian ABNT) keyboard layout and OpenOffice 1.1.4. I've updated
> usp10.dll to the 1.473 version and I'm using Tibetan Machine Uni, TCRC
> Youtso Unicode and the fonts of the Bhutanese Department of
> Information Technology.
> There seem to be a bug when typing the tibetan shad. When I type the
> forward slash (/) to get the shad, it returns only the slash.
> You can see the ABNT keyboard layout at:
> http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/keyboards/kbdbr.htm
> Greetings,
> Walter