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Re: [tise-devel] word wrap for Tibetan

Hi Bob,

Word wrap is a known issue. I don't think it can be solved easily with
 existing Unicode fonts until Windows supports Tibetan properly.
Hopefully our OpenType experts will answer.

This issue was known since long with LTibetan font and tibwin. I was
able to solve this issue with the previous version of Tise and
lgmn.ttf font. It does line break at tsheg in MS Word. You can use
this version for now, if it is important. There is also a converter of
lgmn into unicode, but as soon as you do it, line break will be lost.

Probably tibetscript list is the best place to discuss this issue.


Kazz wrote:
> Hi Gregory,
>   I tried your keyboard with Tibetan Machine Uni and Word 2003.  It
> looks like the Tibetan words wrap at the end of a line without regard to
> syllables or tshegs. They just break at whatever character is at the
> margin.   Is there a remedy for this?
> Thanks,
> Bob Russo