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Re: [tise-devel] Question about Tise input

Hello Steve,

Could you tell me the Unicode code for that symbol? Is it mentioned in
EWTS draft? If not, I doubt it is implemented in Tise, and it is to be
entered by other methods that are supported in Windows, like character
code followed by Alt+x.


Steven Weinberger wrote:
> Dear Gregory,
> We have another input question for you: what are the keystrokes for the
> small circle with a half-circle beneath it that goes UNDER a syllable
> (such as in a commentary to indicate syllables from the root text)?  
> Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Steve
> Steven Weinberger
> Manager, Reference Project
> Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library
> University of Virginia
> (434) 924-6617