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Re: [tise-devel] tise 1.90alpha

Hi Gregory,

I installed it and briefly used it. It seems to work well. Of course someone
we need to get someone to use it in actual work to see if there are
underlying glitches.  But at first try it seemed quite nice. I"ll start to
use it for what work I do, but once you send it to the list, we can have
Tibetans use it - they will quickly find any problems (they always do).

One thing I'm curious about - why do you need Chris's keyboard to run it?
I'm curious about the technical reason.  More importantly, this does raise
some problems.  In China advocating the use of a "dzongkha" keyboard raises
warning flags, and beyond the political issue, tibetans aren't too happy
about using something with a bhutanese name for their own language. I know
this is incredibly petty, but they are real issues. Is there some way around

Thanks agin for your work - its very encouraging


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Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 7:26 PM
To: David Germano; Christopher Fynn; Peter Hauer
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Subject: tise 1.90alpha

Dear Chris, David, Peter,

Here is the current working build of Tise. I'm sending it to you for
preliminary testing, before announcing it publicly on tibetscript list
(hopefully I'll do it on Monday). By that time I will try to fix some bugs
that I know and maybe implement some of your suggestions, if you find time
to test it. All your comments will be greatly appreciated.

Readme file is included into zip archive. To run Tise it is necessary to
manually activate Chris's Dzongkha keyboard for XP. Toggle between
EWTS/English by pressing Shift+Space. Everything else is transparent - just
type EWTS in MS Word.

Some examples how to type:

pad ma



huuQ (for easy typing I mapped 0f83 and 0f82 to q and Q)

I've set up tise-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list, that can be used for
archiving and tech discussions of Tise. You can subscribe to it at


but I don't mind using my personal address for that.

Hope you will enjoy Tise - it is fast, tiny and cute (my personal very
biased opinion, of course ;)

Best wishes,