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Re: [tise-devel] tise 1.90alpha

Hi David,

> use it for what work I do, but once you send it to the list, we can have
> Tibetans use it - they will quickly find any problems (they always do).

Right now all problems that I'm aware of are related to some Sanskrit
stacks. However I don't expect that there should be any problems with
common-use wylie key sequences, and if there are one or two, they need
to be fixed ASAP.

> One thing I'm curious about - why do you need Chris's keyboard to run it?
> I'm curious about the technical reason.  

The reason is that it seems that Windows needs some of its "native"
keyboards for Unicode input, at least I couldn't figure out until now
how to deal without it. Tise simulates keystrokes that are relevant
only to keyboard virtual codes, and virt. codes get transformed into
Unicode symbols by a keyboard layout. The keyboard itself layout
doesn't have to be Chris's dzongkha. I took Chris's keyboard as a
proof of concept.

> advocating the use of a "dzongkha" keyboard raises
> warning flags, and beyond the political issue, 

Thanks for telling this, it is important for me to know before I send
anything to a wider audience. So I will prepare another keyboard
called Tise-EWTS that will also solve some issues with symbols missing
in the dzongkha keyboard, That way all the problems you mention will
be solved.

All the best -

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> From: Gregory Mokhin [mailto:mokhin@xxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 7:26 PM
> To: David Germano; Christopher Fynn; Peter Hauer
> Cc: tise-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: tise 1.90alpha
> Dear Chris, David, Peter,
> Here is the current working build of Tise. I'm sending it to you for
> preliminary testing, before announcing it publicly on tibetscript list
> (hopefully I'll do it on Monday). By that time I will try to fix some bugs
> that I know and maybe implement some of your suggestions, if you find time
> to test it. All your comments will be greatly appreciated.
> Readme file is included into zip archive. To run Tise it is necessary to
> manually activate Chris's Dzongkha keyboard for XP. Toggle between
> EWTS/English by pressing Shift+Space. Everything else is transparent - just
> type EWTS in MS Word.
> Some examples how to type:
> pad ma
> padma
> pad+ma
> bra
> b+ra
> b.ra
> ki
> kii
> kI
> kII
> oM
> aaH
> huuQ (for easy typing I mapped 0f83 and 0f82 to q and Q)
> I've set up tise-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list, that can be used for
> archiving and tech discussions of Tise. You can subscribe to it at
> https://lists.dzogchen.ru/mailman/listinfo/tise-devel/,
> but I don't mind using my personal address for that.
> Hope you will enjoy Tise - it is fast, tiny and cute (my personal very
> biased opinion, of course ;)
> Best wishes,
> Gregory