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Re: [tise-devel] tise 1.90alpha

David Germano wrote:

Hi Gregory,

I installed it and briefly used it. It seems to work well. Of course someone
we need to get someone to use it in actual work to see if there are
underlying glitches.  But at first try it seemed quite nice. I"ll start to
use it for what work I do, but once you send it to the list, we can have
Tibetans use it - they will quickly find any problems (they always do).

One thing I'm curious about - why do you need Chris's keyboard to run it?
I'm curious about the technical reason.  More importantly, this does raise
some problems.  In China advocating the use of a "dzongkha" keyboard raises
warning flags, and beyond the political issue, tibetans aren't too happy
about using something with a bhutanese name for their own language. I know
this is incredibly petty, but they are real issues. Is there some way around

Thanks agin for your work - its very encouraging


Just as "Dzongkha" raises hackles in PR China, Bhutan does not like to be conflated with or subsumed under "Tibet".

The only way I can see round this is to have separate Bhutanese & PR China versions - or an opportunity to choose country on install

Part of the reason there is a "Dzongkha" keyboard and no "Tibetan" one is that no one has ever defined a basic (xkb) keyboard map in Linux for PR China. It is really up to someone in Tibet / China to do this since it wouldn't be right for anyone from outside to do this.

- Chris