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Re: [tise-devel] Problems with Tise and enlishh

Hi David,

looks like Shift+Space is not working properly or assigned to
something else. I can't imagine why it is so, but here is a
workaround, thookuni.dll that has Shift+X for switching Tise on/off.
Just backup the old dll and copy over it the new one. Hope this will work.


David Germano wrote:
> Hi Gregory,
> I associated it with "Estonian".  If I have Estonian keyboard active and
> tise on, I get nice Wylie, But Unless I stop Tise cmpletely, I can't get any
> English.  I don't see the Kailash icon going dark.  SO evidnetly the
> shift+space isn't invoking it for some reason. Not sure what to do.
> David 
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> From: Gregory Mokhin [mailto:mokhin@xxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 11:41 PM
> To: David Germano
> Cc: 'Christopher Fynn'; 'Peter Hauer'; tise-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: Problems with Tise and enlishh
> David, to use English and Tibetan you need to enable two keyboard layouts in
> Windows.
> http://iris.lib.virginia.edu/tibet/tools/input.html says about Chris's
> keyboard:
> "Once installed, the keyboard can be assigned to any language that is not
> used on one's machine, such as possibly "Faroese" or "Kokani".
> Did you follow this instruction for installing Chris's keyboard? If yes,
> there shouldn't be any problem switching to English: you use Tise with
> "Kokani", Shift+Space suspends Tise operation (Kailash icon is dark), and
> then you switch from "Kokani" to English by a standard shortcut (Alt+Shift
> in my case, quite often it is Ctrl+Shift).
> Regards,
> Gregory
> David Germano wrote:
>> hi gregory,
>>it appears impossible to switch to english with tise running. i tried 
>>changing keyboard to english, switting font, but no matter hwat i did 
>>the qwerty keyboard output only appears when i exit tise. That is 
>>pretty cumbersome if you want to use english and tibetan. However your 
>>instructions seem to indicate that is not how its supposed to work. 
>>However tired
>>shift+space to no avail. Am i missing something? I thought maybe it 
>>shift+was a
>>word control character conflict, since shift+space is a pretty 
>>standard "character reset" in Word.  But clearing that didn't change
> anything.
>>I am using xp/word in their most up to date verisons.

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