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Re: [tise-devel] tise 1.90alpha

Dear Peter,

Thanks for the feedback!

> EWTS "Sh(a)", "k(+)Sh(a)", "k(+)sh(a)", etc., do not work (yet).

Working on this.

As the letter of David suggests, since having our own TISE-EWTS
keyboard will be beneficial, all issues with different noisy keys that
you mention will be solved by it.

> Dual-switching between languages is a bit nasty 

I don't like it either. Hope I'll figure out how to make it easier.

> Lastly, one problem that users of European hardware keyboards 

Do you have one at hand to test? I don't expect any problems with
that, because Tise works not with scan codes, that are keyboard model
dependent, but with virtual key codes, that should be identical for
all models. But one is never sure until the real test is done.

All the best,