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Re: [tise-devel] tise 1.95beta

Dear Gregory,

The Read me no longer explains how to install the keyboard - before it
referred tover to Chris's Web page. I think you should have the instructions
there. I tried just clicking on the .msi which says its an installer but
that gives an error message saying it can't read "kbdTise.dll.  Well there
is no such file there so no wonder it can't read it?  So either something is
missing, or installer has wrong name, etc.  

Also in installation, "===Place tise.exe and thookuni.dll into any
directory. Choose the proper layout
for Dzongkha keyboard. Run Tise." 

Firstly the term 'Dzongkha" needs to be updated, and second no one will have
any idea what it means to "choose the proper layout".  So you need to
amplify there.

I'm not sure how to install, so will wait to hear from you.

With the old one I could never get a roman mode going, but it seems you have
changed that so I'll try this and give you feedback as soon as I hear back.

Once its ready for wider distribution, we will make a page for it in THDL
doucmenting it; we can also provide downloads form our server if you like.

Best wishes,


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Subject: tise 1.95beta

Dear Chris, David, Peter,

here is the beta build of Tise.

Changes since the last build:

- TiseEWTS package is supplied. Basically it is still Chris's keyboard, with
a different name and a couple of enhancements. Under GPL I will supply also
the source code for the MSKLC.
- almost all EWTS is working as expected. Still not working: < >
- Tise on/off by clicking left button on its tray icon
- Entering "stacked" mode ('+' key) and leaving it ('.' key) is working as
expected. I believe it is an important feature of Tise to be able to use '.'
key to break out of building a stacked syllable any time, it is to be
- tise.ini is supplied. With this ini file by default Tise will hide itself
immediately into systray.
- readme updated

sid+dhi or si.ddhi or sid+d+hi all give same result.

As soon as you test it and find it OK, I will announce Tise on tibetscript

Once we are sure that EWTS engine works fine, then hopefully I'll be able to
improve UI (like customizable on/off key etc.) and provide support for
non-US keyboards. It will very much depend on my time and on the community
feedback on Tise.

I'm changing my email address to mokhin@xxxxxxxxx because the old one has
some problems, so if you sent me something since Friday or Saturday, I
probably haven't got it yet.

Best wishes,