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[tise-devel] tise 1.95beta

Dear Chris, David, Peter,

here is the beta build of Tise.

Changes since the last build:

- TiseEWTS package is supplied. Basically it is still Chris's
keyboard, with a different name and a couple of enhancements. Under
GPL I will supply also the source code for the MSKLC.
- almost all EWTS is working as expected. Still not working: < >
- Tise on/off by clicking left button on its tray icon
- Entering "stacked" mode ('+' key) and leaving it ('.' key) is
working as expected. I believe it is an important feature of Tise to
be able to use '.' key to break out of building a stacked syllable any
time, it is to be documented.
- tise.ini is supplied. With this ini file by default Tise will hide
itself immediately into systray.
- readme updated

sid+dhi or si.ddhi or sid+d+hi all give same result.

As soon as you test it and find it OK, I will announce Tise on
tibetscript list.

Once we are sure that EWTS engine works fine, then hopefully I'll be
able to improve UI (like customizable on/off key etc.) and provide
support for non-US keyboards. It will very much depend on my time and
on the community feedback on Tise.

I'm changing my email address to mokhin@xxxxxxxxx because the old one
has some problems, so if you sent me something since Friday or
Saturday, I probably haven't got it yet.

Best wishes,

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