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Re: [tise-devel] tise 1.90alpha

Ps the other very confusing thing about using the "dzongkha" keyboard in
conjnction with tise is that tise is for wyle input and so it was
bewildering - apart form political considerations - to have it associated
with a keyboard that was not wylie input.  I think circdulating tise with a
"ewts" keyboard is the accurate thing to do, and also avoids any political
contamination with bhutan or with china. 

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To: David Germano
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David Germano wrote:

> Hi Gregory,

> I installed it and briefly used it. It seems to work well. Of course 
> someone we need to get someone to use it in actual work to see if 
> there are underlying glitches.  But at first try it seemed quite nice. 
> I"ll start to use it for what work I do, but once you send it to the 
> list, we can have Tibetans use it - they will quickly find any problems
(they always do).

> One thing I'm curious about - why do you need Chris's keyboard to run it?
> I'm curious about the technical reason.  More importantly, this does 
> raise some problems.  In China advocating the use of a "dzongkha" 
> keyboard raises warning flags, and beyond the political issue, 
> tibetans aren't too happy about using something with a bhutanese name 
> for their own language. I know this is incredibly petty, but they are 
> real issues. Is there some way around this?

> Thanks agin for your work - its very encouraging

> David

Just as "Dzongkha" raises hackles in PR China, Bhutan does not like to be
conflated with or subsumed under "Tibet".

The only way I can see round this is to have separate Bhutanese & PR China
versions - or an opportunity to choose  country on install

Part of the reason there is a "Dzongkha" keyboard and no "Tibetan" one is
that no one has ever defined a basic (xkb) keyboard map in Linux for PR
China. It is really up to someone in Tibet / China to do this since it
wouldn't be right for anyone from outside to do this.

- Chris