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[tise-devel] version 1.96beta

Changes in 1.96 (16.05.2005):

- fixed: A O U E now work as per EWTS, giving correct longer vowels.
Old shortcuts - aa uu ee oo continue to work. ii is different from I.

- fixed: NB tsheg (0F0C) is inserted by pressing *. If Shift+Space is
not used for Tise on/off (waiting for the changes in EWTS), it will
also be used for NB tsheg.

- bug fixed: right Shift is now handled correctly. That was tricky
because of weird and undocumented behavior of right Shift in Windows -
it is always sent not as real but as an injected keystroke, and many
system functions don't understand the difference between the two. I'd
call it a bug in Windows. Workaround: simulate that always left Shift
is pressed, even it is physically a right Shift.

I'd say that with this version EWTS engine is implemented to the
extent almost as complete as current specification of EWTS allows.