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[tise-devel] fixing non-US keyboards

Hi David,

I believe that before circulating more broadly it is better to fix the
most obvious bug - get rid of dependency on EN_US keyboard - as many
people with European keyboards will complain about that. With some
today's hacking I found that it is possible, and if all goes well -
even by Monday. This will make Tise really a killer app, because then
Tise will be universal - depending neither on any Roman geometry or
layout, nor on any specific design of Tibetan layout. All conversions
will be done internally and automatically.


David Germano wrote:

>> Hi  Gregory,
>> If you are ready to circulate more broadly, i'd like to make up a
page for
>> in THDL in the keyboards section where people can see what it is
about, and
>> then get the download.  Can you write up some cover page like this for
>> posting in THDL? If you can write it up, i can get it put over into
our std
>> xml mark up.
>> David