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[tise-devel] extended vowel rules


to bring your implementation closer to spec concerning the extended vowel rules (i.e. http://iris.lib.virginia.edu/tibet/collections/langling/ewts/ewts.php?m=SII) , you can experiment with WylieWord 2.0, Babelpad's internal Tibetan EWTS keyboard, or my EWTS Keyman. I imagine THDL's Quilldriver also implements this.

using consonant g, the following pattern should help clarify:

gI =ààà U+0F42 U+0F71 U+0F72
grI =àààà U+0F42 U+0FB2 U+0F71 U+0F72
gr-i =ààà U+0F42 U+0FB2 U+0F80
gr-I =àààà U+0F42 U+0FB2 U+0F71 U+0F80
gl-I =àààà U+0F42 U+0FB3 U+0F71 U+0F80

best, Chris W.