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Re: [tise-devel] v. 1.99 is out

Dear Grisha,

Here are a few observations that I made when inadvertently or mistakenly
typing certain key combinations:

1/ When typing a hyphen before a consonant letter, hyphen creates a stack in
the same manner as '+'.

2/ When typing k-ii, the result is the same as when typing kii or KI (but
not K-I, as might be expected).

3/ When typing 'v' or 'f' keys after another Tibetan letter, Latin letters
'v' or 'f' are outputted. I wonder if NUL output would not be better in such

4/ Typing identical consonants twice, or several times, after each other
creates a stack. However, typing two-letter consonants twice after each
other frequently creates irregular output: khkh creates kh+k, thth creates
th+t, ph+ph creates ph plus Latin 'p' plus subjoined h, dhdh creates dh,
dzhdzh creates dzh plus Latin 'dzh'. On the other hand, ghgh creates
g+h+g+h, and dh+dh creates d+h+d+h. Input of dzh+dzh creates dzh, and only
fully correct input of dz+h+dz+h creates dz+h+dz+h. (My suggestion is to
allow typing subjoined h with or without the plus sign, but with a
'standardized' output, and to disallow any 'illegal' input by creating NUL
output for it.)

5/ When CapsLock has been locked in "raw" mode, for some reason, it appears
that there is no other way to get back to unlocked state than existing Tise.
(This happened to me a couple of times, but I haven't normally been able to
duplicate the exact situations. One typical situation is that CapsLock was
pressed before starting Tise; I would suggest therefore that Tise, upon
start, always checks the CapsLock status and unlocks it, if necessary.)

More to follow when I come across new situations...

Best regards,


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Thanks to Peter's feedback, the issue with deadkeys was fixed. I
uploaded 1.99beta2 to the web page. It also fixes a small bug reported
by Ian Ormesher, that manifested in case one and only one EN layout
was installed, and another small issue  with typing a vowel after ^.

As of now, I'm not aware of any other bugs. For 2.0 release I might
implement also direct Unicode input mode, triggered by typing '\', and
provide customization for Tise on/off keys, if it is needed.

Best regards,

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