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[tise-devel] Windows key, starting TISE in non-EWTS

in the most recent version of tise (1.9.9beta2) and the previous release, I find that the "Window" key is disabled, so that common shortcuts such as Window-D "show the desktop" and Window-E "show the file explorer" don't work when the EWTS is enabled. When EWTS is not enabled while TISE is running, the Window modifier key will function okay.

It would be helpful to have a user option to start up TISE in non-EWTS input, such that when a user puts the program in the Windows start up folder, one doesn't have to disengage the EWTS mode on every fresh reboot.

Chris W.

Gregory Mokhin wrote:

Thanks to Peter's feedback, the issue with deadkeys was fixed. I
uploaded 1.99beta2 to the web page. It also fixes a small bug reported
by Ian Ormesher, that manifested in case one and only one EN layout
was installed, and another small issue  with typing a vowel after ^.

As of now, I'm not aware of any other bugs. For 2.0 release I might
implement also direct Unicode input mode, triggered by typing '\', and
provide customization for Tise on/off keys, if it is needed.

Best regards,