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Re: [tise-devel] Extending TISE to input of Sanskrit (Devanagari & Romanized)?

Hi Peter,

By design Tise is able to transform any combinations of key strokes into any Unicode sequences - so it is possible to support various input schemes for any language that is covered by Unicode.

It is just a question of having enough time (and enough motivation), rather than a technical one.

Best wishes,

Linguasoft wrote:

Just a question, and at the same time an "opinion poll" directed at other list members:

Do you think it would make sense to extend TISE to support also input of Sanskrit in Devanagari script or Latin transliteration?

The problem with Sanskrit is basically the same as with Tibetan Unicode: prospective users of Keyman keyboards that have been available for free so far, are now required to purchase a license for Keyman.

Best regards,
Peter E. Hauer