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Re: [tise-devel] Testing TISE with Pop-Up Dictionary shell

Dear Peter,

Today I got a message from Artyom. The problem is that Tise is using
low-level keyboard API that is available starting with Win2k only. And
Artyom's program uses RTF widgets that don't accept unicode input. I
bumped at this 3 years ago when I first started to develop Tise.
Low-level keyboard API means that the keystrokes are hooked and
modified before they enter the application message queue, so other
applications are not able to do anything with them.

That is the reason why Tise will not be able to support Win98. Users
of Win98 will probably be happy with Marvin Moser's tibwin. Even I am
aware of other keyboard hook methods that keyman probably uses, and it
would be technically possible to make Tise work with Win98, but then
we will have same troubles as with Keyman - MS Access/Excel will stop
to work well, and dependency on local keyboard layout will be back.


Linguasoft wrote:
> Dear Grisha,
> The problem is that apps like Pop-Up Dictionary must always be concerned
> about compatibility with older OS'es.
> Artyom's original message to you must have gone astray, but he sent you
> another message today and CC'ed me. I still hope that you can "come to
> terms" somehow...
> Best regards,
> Peter