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Re: [tise-devel] Tise comments

Dear Grisha,

If you plan further development of Tise, I can send you a list of
problematic syllables that I built when inputting the entries of the Chandra
Das dictionary. Tise had problems with these syllables although they are all
"legal" EWTS.

It appears that my earlier suggestion to extend Tise to support also input
for Sanskrit (Devanagari script & transliteration) did not find any
additional echo. Or am I mistaken? (The Chandra Das dictionary contains
several thousand Sanskrit strings, and for this input job alone a handy
input routine like Tise would have immense merits...)


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Hello Chris,

Thanks for your feedback on Tise. Can you please tell me your version
and build date of Tise, as shown in About dialog?

> 1. The stack "dngos" didn't type correctly when I used the program. Typing
> the string "dngos" prodces "d+ngos." Typing "d.ngos" will produce the
> correct thing, however.

Indeed, a bug in Tise. Thanks for reporting.

> 2. When starting the program, I get the error message "Tise Fatal--Cannot
> get toggle keyboard key. Error code = 0. The operation was completed
> successfully." This doesn't affect anything--the program runs fine after I
> click "ok." Still, it might point to some problem, and would be more
> if the message would not appear.

Known issue. I thought the latest build of Tise doesn't have this.

> 3. I find that the toggle between EWTS/normal to be a little too
> restrictive. In particular, it is a little problematic that the program
> captures the "caps lock" key. It is quite useful to have the program
> in raw mode, so that it can easily be started up whenever you want to type
> Tibetan. However, if you keep it running in raw mode, you aren't able to
> the caps lock key.

As pointed by many, Caps lock is not a good choice for a toggle key.
It will be fixed as soon as I have enough time to add the function for
custom choice of a toggle key.

> 4. For me, typing "_" is a little difficult, especially for a character as
> common as the space. (It is of course correct EWTS.) Is there any way an
> additional choice of keystroke could be added for the space?

'x' key?

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