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Re: [tise-devel] Tise comments

Dear Peter,

Further development of Tise depends very on users feedback, and
comments are most welcome. Please send the syllables that don't work
well to this list. If some EWTS syllables don't work, it is a serious
bug and I will try to fix it quickly.

Devanagari enhancements will be possible if and when my time allows.


Linguasoft wrote:
> If you plan further development of Tise, I can send you a list of
> problematic syllables that I built when inputting the entries of the Chandra
> Das dictionary. Tise had problems with these syllables although they are all
> "legal" EWTS.
> It appears that my earlier suggestion to extend Tise to support also input
> for Sanskrit (Devanagari script & transliteration) did not find any
> additional echo. Or am I mistaken? (The Chandra Das dictionary contains
> several thousand Sanskrit strings, and for this input job alone a handy
> input routine like Tise would have immense merits...)
> Peter