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Re: [tise-devel] Tise comments

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your feedback on Tise. Can you please tell me your version
and build date of Tise, as shown in About dialog?

> 1. The stack "dngos" didn't type correctly when I used the program. Typing
> the string "dngos" prodces "d+ngos." Typing "d.ngos" will produce the
> correct thing, however.

Indeed, a bug in Tise. Thanks for reporting.

> 2. When starting the program, I get the error message "Tise Fatal--Cannot
> get toggle keyboard key. Error code = 0. The operation was completed
> successfully." This doesn't affect anything--the program runs fine after I
> click "ok." Still, it might point to some problem, and would be more elegant
> if the message would not appear.

Known issue. I thought the latest build of Tise doesn't have this.

> 3. I find that the toggle between EWTS/normal to be a little too
> restrictive. In particular, it is a little problematic that the program
> captures the "caps lock" key. It is quite useful to have the program running
> in raw mode, so that it can easily be started up whenever you want to type
> Tibetan. However, if you keep it running in raw mode, you aren't able to use
> the caps lock key.

As pointed by many, Caps lock is not a good choice for a toggle key.
It will be fixed as soon as I have enough time to add the function for
custom choice of a toggle key.

> 4. For me, typing "_" is a little difficult, especially for a character as
> common as the space. (It is of course correct EWTS.) Is there any way an
> additional choice of keystroke could be added for the space?

'x' key?