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Re: [tise-devel] Problems with Tise and enlishh

David, to use English and Tibetan you need to enable two keyboard
layouts in Windows.

http://iris.lib.virginia.edu/tibet/tools/input.html says about Chris's
"Once installed, the keyboard can be assigned to any language that is
not used on one's machine, such as possibly "Faroese" or "Kokani".

Did you follow this instruction for installing Chris's keyboard? If
yes, there shouldn't be any problem switching to English: you use Tise
with "Kokani", Shift+Space suspends Tise operation (Kailash icon is
dark), and then you switch from "Kokani" to English by a standard
shortcut (Alt+Shift in my case, quite often it is Ctrl+Shift).


David Germano wrote:
>  hi gregory,
> it appears impossible to switch to english with tise running. i tried
> changing keyboard to english, switting font, but no matter hwat i did the
> qwerty keyboard output only appears when i exit tise. That is pretty
> cumbersome if you want to use english and tibetan. However your instructions
> seem to indicate that is not how its supposed to work. However tired
> shift+space to no avail. Am i missing something? I thought maybe it was a
> word control character conflict, since shift+space is a pretty standard
> "character reset" in Word.  But clearing that didn't change anything.
> Help!
> I am using xp/word in their most up to date verisons.
> david